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1. JIRA ticket

  • Create a ticket in Jira, if it does not already exist.

  • If the ticket is already assigned to someone else ⇒ talk (e.g. via the mailing list)

  • Assign the ticket to the contributor, if it is not already assigned
    (more details)

2. Process Task

  • Fork the repository on GitHub

  • Create a branch in your forked repository (name = JIRA ticket id)

  • Discuss on mailing list

  • Work on the code

  • Document work in JIRA ticket
    (more details)

3. Submit Changes

  • Ensure code compiles

  • Ensure tests passes

  • Create PR (pull request)

  • Ask for review on mailing list
    (more details)

4. Merge Changes (done by a committer)

  • Review changes

  • Merge code

  • Change JIRA ticket status / close ticket

5. Cleanup

  • Wait until PR is merged (ticket status change)

  • Remove branch in own repository