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In order to keep track of all the tasks concerning TomEE there should be a ticket in the TomEE JIRA for each work item.
Before you can create tickets, you have to sign up for an account.

No task without a ticket

Before you start working on a task you should ensure that there is a ticket for your task.
Browse JIRA and use the search function to find out if there is already a ticket for what you want to pick up. If not, create a new one.

Avoiding conflicts and wasted effort

If a ticket already exists and is assigned to someone you should not start working on this task.
If you want to help, contact the assigned person using the mailing list or write a comment in the JIRA ticket.

Pick up a task

To inform others that you are working on a task, the corresponding ticket in JIRA should be assigned to you.
If you don’t have permission to assign tickets (there is no edit sign behind the Field "Assignee"), just ask on the developers mailing list.