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Fork project repository

You can work on the source code of TomEE using GitHub. If you don’t have a GitHub account, you can sign up here. To create your own working area, go to the project TomEE on GitHub and click on the link "Fork". A forked repository will be created for your account and you will be redirected to it.

One branch for each ticket

Although you can work on the master branch it is advisable to create a new branch for each ticket you start to work on - even if it’s only one. Use the JIRA id and title as name of the branch.

Get help

If you need help or want to have feedback for your ideas write to the developes mailing list.

Hands on

Work on the code. Use local commit as often as you want. Use push (to your own forked repository) as often as you like. Consider the contribution tips. If a task is to hard to get it done: no problem. Just ask for help. If you want to cancel working on a task, don’t forget to unassign the JIRA ticket!

Comments in JIRA

Use comments for the JIRA ticket to document your work.