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A Topic can be declared via xml in the <tomee-home>/conf/tomee.xml file or in a WEB-INF/resources.xml file using a declaration like the following. All properties in the element body are optional.

<Resource id="myTopic" type="jakarta.jms.Topic">
    destination =

Alternatively, a Topic can be declared via properties in the <tomee-home>/conf/ file or via Java VirtualMachine -D properties. The properties can also be used when embedding TomEE via the jakarta.ejb.embeddable.EJBContainer API or InitialContext

myTopic = new://Resource?type=jakarta.jms.Topic
myTopic.destination =

Properties and xml can be mixed. Properties will override the xml allowing for easy configuration change without the need for $\{} style variable substitution. Properties are not case sensitive. If a property is specified that is not supported by the declared Topic a warning will be logged. If a Topic is needed by the application and one is not declared, TomEE will create one dynamically using default settings. Multiple Topic declarations are allowed. # Supported Properties







Specifies the name of the topic