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Connecting To OpenEJB or TomEE Through SSH


It can be very useful to connect to the server to get some informations.


For such a case OpenEJB/TomEE proposes to start with the Java EE server a SSH server. Currently the security is based on JAAS (see how to configure JAAS for TomEE for more information about it).


Simply extract the openejb-ssh jar in the lib of tomee (webapps/tomee/lib) or openejb libs (lib folder). Then simply connect using your JAAS credential.

Note: you can use the provisioning features of openejb to do this job!

Then simply activate the service manage: it is done setting the system property openejb.servicemanager.enabled to true.

Note: it can be done through the conf/ file. Note2: please take care to not add space after true (not 'true ' for instance).

OpenEJB SSH Shell

Once you are connected you get some commands:

  • deploy : deploy an application

  • undeploy : undeploy an application

  • list: list deployed EJBs

  • classloader : print the classloader tree of the app specified by the id

  • jmx : interact with JMX jmx list: list mbeans jmx get ** jmx set

    • jmx invoke ([, …​)

  • properties: print server configuration as properties

  • script

    + : execute the following script code using the following language with the JSR 223

  • script file

    + : execute the following script using the language (from the extension of the file) with the JSR 223

  • ls []: list the file in path is specified or in the base of the server if not

  • cat : print a file

  • part - : print the part of a file

Note1: JSR 223 can need to add some jar to openejb/tomee lib folder (groovy-all for instance to use groovy) Note2: ls, part, cat commands have to use $home and $base properties to specified the path