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This page is intended to provide an insight into basic Maven usage for users that are not all that familiar with Maven projects. It is by no means a tutorial and is designed to be more of a quickstart to get you up and running.

It is assumed that:

  • You have downloaded and installed Maven and that you can run mvn --version from any command prompt (or console).

  • You have downloaded and installed Subversion and that you can run svn --version from any command prompt or console.

It is also assumed you have downloaded one of the following:

Use Subversion to checkout the example sources from a console like so:

svn co[example]

Or that you may of course also be using your own project pom.xml

If you want to use the latest snapshot locate the __ section in your pom.xml and ensure the following repository exists:

    <name>Apache M2 Snapshot Repository</name>