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Breaking changes

  • Artifact coordinates changes

GroupId changed from org.apache.openejb to org.apache.tomee. It includes maven plugins which use now org.apache.tomee.maven and the javaee-api.

Versions of openejb and tomee are now aligned on 7.x and you don’t need to use 4.x and 1.x (or any variant) for openejb and tomee.

  • JAX-RS 2 specification refined the sorting of providers. It can have side effects for message body readers/writers which don’t define their target mediatype properly like Jackson which uses wildcard instead of a json related mediatype. To solve it register a custom provider redefining the media type.

Can be as easy as:

public class MyAppJsonProvider extends JacksonJsonProvider {
  • JPA and CDI are linked now, enabling JPA to use CDI for its components but CDI can use JPA too…​ to solve issues with hibernate you need to add either as system property or persistence unit tomee.jpa.factory.lazy = true.