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TomEE relies on Apache CXF for JAX-RS (RESTful Services) and JAX-WS (Web Services). It does not provide all CXF modules, but the most common ones for both specifications (JAX-RS is part of all distributions but JAX-WS is only part of plus one).


CXF API is reusable but you can also configure the interceptors through openejb-jar.xml (located in WEB-INF).

If you want to configure JAX-RS you will use the prefix cxf.jaxrs and if you configure JAX-WS you use cxf.jaxws prefix.

to configure directly the bus use org.apache.openejb.cxf.bus. prefix and configure it in conf/

To configure JAX-RS you need to add in openejb-jar.xml a pojo-deployment:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <pojo-deployment class-name="jaxrs-application">
     # here will go the config

For JAX-WS you will use a pojo-deployment matching the webservice class name for POJO webservices or an ejb-deployment instead of a pojo-deployment for EJB webservices:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <ejb-deployment ejb-name="MyEJBWebService">
     # here will go the config

Then once you selected your prefix and know where to write the config just use the following entries:

  • properties: server factory properties

  • features: CXF features

  • in-interceptors: CXF in interceptors

  • out-interceptors: CXF out interceptors

  • in-fault-interceptors: CXF in interceptors for fault handling

  • out-fault-interceptors: CXF out interceptors for fault handling

  • databinding: server databinding

  • providers (only for JAX-RS endpoint): list of JAX-RS providers

  • skip-provider-scanning (only for JAX-RS): is provider scanning on or not (default true)

For features and interceptors the rule is the same: value is a list comma separated. Each value of the list is either a qualified class name or an id of a service in resources.xml.

Databinding is simply either a qualified name or a service id in resources.xml (located in WEB-INF).

Sample for JAX-WS

To configure WSS4J on the EJB CalculatorBean for instance add in openejb-jar.xml:

<openejb-jar xmlns="">
  <ejb-deployment ejb-name="CalculatorBean">
    <properties> = wss4j

With associated resources.xml which will define precisely the wss4j configuration:

  <Service id="wss4j" class-name="org.apache.openejb.server.cxf.config.WSS4JInInterceptorFactory" factory-name="create">
    action = UsernameToken
    passwordType = PasswordText
    passwordCallbackClass =

Sample for JAX-RS

JAX-RS JSON page shows a sample dedicated to JAX-RS.