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  • TOMEE-1813 - fails on cygwin

  • TOMEE-1817 - java.lang.NullPointerException in Connector Resource Adapter deploy

  • TOMEE-1819 - OWB configuration not respected

  • TOMEE-1822 - SecurityService not available in TomEERealm: Principal can be the default one instead of the logged one

  • TOMEE-1827 - Possible java.util.ConcurrentModificationException with ValidatingGenericConnectionManager

  • TOMEE-1828 - OpenEJB application fails to find singleton container when openejb.offline = true

  • TOMEE-1829 - com.sun.mail doesn't work in webapp out of the box

  • TOMEE-1832 - dbcp2 datasource lock contention on createDataSource + illogical locking

  • TOMEE-1839 - TomEE doesn't work with Arquillian servlet module 1.1.11.Final

  • TOMEE-1841 - webapp version ignored

  • TOMEE-1844 - bval can conflict with JAXRS bval integration

  • TOMEE-1845 - dbcp2 openejb datasource JMX warning message at datasource unregistration

Dependency upgrade


  • TOMEE-1821 - Allow to filter CDI extensions

  • TOMEE-1823 - double johnzon max size (8k) and add a comment in

  • TOMEE-1824 - support date configuration for johnzon

  • TOMEE-1825 - allow to configure converters for johnzon jaxrs provider

  • TOMEE-1830 - Set TomEEJarScanner TomEEFilter to delegate to standard jar scan filter as default

  • TOMEE-1838 - (Un)DeployMojo not supporting HTTPS

  • TOMEE-1843 - resources.xml errors unclear about the file

  • TOMEE-1849 - JaccProvider hard to override

New Feature

  • TOMEE-1812 - add reload command to tomee embedded maven plugin

  • TOMEE-1818 - add depends-on to Resource

  • TOMEE-1826 - [CXF] openejb.cxf.monitoring.jmx config entry to activate counter repository

  • TOMEE-1831 - Enrich failover router to support error handling

  • TOMEE-1833 - add ExceptionSelector to Router (dynamic datasource routing)

  • TOMEE-1834 - Add an all in one routed datasource and failover router

  • TOMEE-1835 - add openshift properties provider for mysql and postgresql

  • TOMEE-1836 - add create/destroy server events for resource

  • TOMEE-1846 - allow to fully configure a resource programmatically

  • TOMEE-1847 - allow to control API used to export a resource using classpath attribute

  • TOMEE-1848 - add @Configuration support for TomEEEmbeddedSingleRunner