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This sample implements a simple polling application.

You can create polls and then vote (+1 or -1) for each poll (called Subject).

The front is a JAX-RS front and the backend uses EJBs and JPA.


The application contains several modules:

  • polling-domain: entities used by the client side too

  • polling-core: the middle/dao layer

  • polling-web: front layer (REST services)

What is noticeable

The front layer contains a MBean managed by CDI (VoteCounter) which is used by REST services to update information you can retrieve through JMX protocol (JConsole client is fine to see it ;)).

It manages a dynamic datasource too. It manages in the example configuration 2 clients.

It is a simple round robin by request. That’s why from the client if you simply create a poll then find it you’ll not find the persisted poll, you need to do it once again.


It lets you create poll, retrieve them, find the best poll and vote for any poll.

Please type help for more information.