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Intellij is the preferred editor of most of the developers on Apache TomEE. It’s fast and light and goes out of its way to guess what you’re thinking and act accordingly in efforts to save you time and increase your enjoyment. In this regard TomEE and Intellij have a lot in common.

While TomEE works with most IDEs via the Tomcat adapter and this covers WAR files, JetBrains has stepped up to the plate with a TomEE specific adapter to allow deployment of the full range of archives that TomEE supports. The evolving TomEE/Intellij integration sets the pace for all other IDE integrations. Feature requests very welcome! TomEE is to Intellij what GlassFish is to NetBeans and your feedback is a critcal part of that.

Getting Started

We will use one of the existing examples for this demo. Let’s import it. alt text alt text alt text

Give a minute while Intellij imports the dependencies. alt text

It’s time to run the application. Open "Edit Configurations". alt text

Click the "+" icon and select "TomEE Server" and "Local". alt text

If your server is still not configured, click the "Configure" button and point it to your local TomEE installation. alt text

If you see a warning message like "No artifacts marked for deployment", click the "Fix" button and select one of the options. alt text

You can change the "Application Context". alt text

Now you can run it. Click the "play" button. alt text alt text

Your application is up and running. alt text alt text