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OpenEJB and TomEE services using ServicePool as wrapper - for instance ejbd service or all services not implementing SelfManaging interface - support some additional configuration due to the pooling. Here is the list of the additional properties (either configure them in the service configuration file in conf/conf.d/${service}.properties or in conf/ prefixing them by “{service}.”).

Basically using ServicePool the service is associated to a ThreadPoolExecutor and this one is configured with these properties (see ThreadPoolExecutor constructor for the detail):

  • threadsCore (default 10)

  • threads (default 150)

  • queue (default threadCore-1)

  • block (default true)

  • keepAliveTime (default 60000)

Additionally you can force the socket to be closed after each request (this is an advanced setting, use it with caution):

  • forceSocketClose (default true)