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What is it?

The OpenEJB Eclipse Plugin will be a suite of tools made available via Eclipse to make EJB development with OpenEJB easier. The initial offering will probably provide basic functionality by taking advantage of WebTools to allow for OpenEJB to be an available container/runtime within Eclipse. This means full debugging and Eclipse project integration. From there, the sky is the limit so feel free to suggest features on the [OpenEJB Dev list|Mailing Lists#MailingLists-DeveloperMailingList] .

How to get involved?

Just the same as getting involved with any part of OpenEJB — send a mail to the OpenEJB Dev list and say "Hi!" We’re a very relaxed group so no need to be perfect or overly prepared. Just dive right in, we’re always happy to have more.

Where do I get it?

The initiative is just launching, but you can grab what we have right here and start hacking.

What do I need to help?