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  • [TOMEE-1465] - org.apache.openejb.util.PropertyPlaceHolderHelper.PropertiesLookup caches properties

  • [TOMEE-1585] - org.apache.openejb.core.ivm.BaseEjbProxyHandler.ProxyRegistry#liveHandleRegistry not thread safe

  • [TOMEE-1587] - merge arquillian tomee ear support from 7.x to 1.7.x

  • [TOMEE-1590] - WsFactory: ClassCastException: java.util.HashSet cannot be cast to java.util.List

  • [TOMEE-1596] - AutoDeployer buggy is not using hot deploy

  • [TOMEE-1610] - [OSGi] Version range problem in openejb-core on bean-asm5

  • [TOMEE-1614] - Netbeans Tomcat Plugin Integration Does Not Detected TomeeStarted

  • [TOMEE-1622] - TomEE SystemInstance unsafely iterates over the System.getProperties()

  • [TOMEE-1631] - Basic Rotating JUL Handler

  • [TOMEE-1636] - BrokerXmlConfig xbean:file: does not accept a relative path

  • [TOMEE-1638] - tomee:exec on Windows produces invalid due to backslash directory separators

  • [TOMEE-1655] - ApplicationComposers not isolating @Configuration for each test class.

Dependency upgrade


  • [TOMEE-1428] - improve the performance of TempClassLoader$ResourceComparator

  • [TOMEE-1455] - for resource local pu try to guess if datasource is configured in persistence unit properties

  • [TOMEE-1461] - Need a machine global mechanism for 'get next available port' to prevent 'address in use' issues

  • [TOMEE-1547] - Use application classloader for resources defined in resources.xml

  • [TOMEE-1557] - Support AMQ plugin config on amq5factory

  • [TOMEE-1642] - Would be nice that tomee logs JAXRS configuration in use (was: sends an INFO when not found the relative class for pojo-deployment in configuration [openejb-jar.xml])

  • [TOMEE-1662] - Ensure dangling JMS connections are closed on shutdown

New Feature

  • [TOMEE-1442] - Show list of deployed applications (including EARs) in the console

  • [TOMEE-1456] - Support endorsed libs in the TomEE Maven Plugin


  • [TOMEE-1412] - Extra unversioned context displayed when using parallel deployment