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This is an example of how to use MicroProfile Custom Health Check in TomEE.

Health Feature

Health checks are used to probe the state of services and resources that an application might depend on or even to expose its state, e.g. in a cluster environment, where an unhealthy node needs to be discarded (terminated, shutdown) and eventually replaced by another healthy instance.

By default, microprofile-health-api provides a basic output of a node by simply hitting the endpoint http://host:port/health.


To provide a customized output, Let’s say we have an application that uses a Weather API, and if the service becomes unavailable, we should report the service as DOWN.

To begin with a customized output, is needed to implement the interface HealthCheck, make the class a managed bean by annotating it with @ApplicationScoped plus with @Health annotation to active the custom check. See more here

public class WeatherServiceHealthCheck implements HealthCheck {

    @Inject WeatherGateway weatherGateway;

    public HealthCheckResponse call() {
        HealthCheckResponseBuilder responseBuilder = HealthCheckResponse.named("OpenWeatherMap");
        try {
            WeatherApiStatus status = weatherGateway.getApiStatus();
            return responseBuilder.withData("weatherServiceApiUrl", status.getUrl())
                    .withData("weatherServiceApiVersion", status.getVersion())
                    .withData("weatherServiceMessage", status.getMessage())
        } catch (WeatherException e) {
            return responseBuilder.withData("weatherServiceErrorMessage", e.getMessage()).down().build();

In the example above, the health probe name is OpenWeatherMap (illustrative only) which provides a subscription plan to access its services and if the limit of calls is exceeded the API becomes unavailable until it’s renewed.


Running the application
    mvn clean install tomee:run

Example 1

When hitting /health endpoint, OpenWeatherMap tell us that our remaining calls are running out and we should take an action before it gets unavailable.

curl http://localhost:8080/mp-custom-healthcheck/health
            "weatherServiceMessage":"Your account will become unavailable soon due to limitation of your
                                    subscription type. Remaining API calls are 1",

Example 2

Weather API still working fine.

curl http://localhost:8080/mp-custom-healthcheck/weather/day/status
Hi, today is a sunny day!

Example 3

When hitting one more time /health endpoint, OpenWeatherMap tell us that our account is temporary blocked and this service is being reported as DOWN.

curl http://localhost:8080/mp-custom-healthcheck/health
            "weatherServiceErrorMessage":"Your account is temporary blocked due to exceeding of
            requests limitation of your subscription type. Please choose the proper subscription

Example 4

Weather API has stopped.

curl http://localhost:8080/mp-custom-healthcheck/weather/day/status
Weather Service is unavailable at moment, retry later.
Running the tests

You can also try it out using the available in the project.

mvn clean test
[INFO] Results:
[INFO] Tests run: 4, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: