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Differences between TomEE versions and/or flavors

Detailed list of Jakarta EE 9.1 and MicroProfile 5.0 specifications

Specifications Tomcat TomEE WebProfile TomEE MicroProfile TomEE Plus TomEE Plume

Jakarta Annotations 2.0

Jakarta Authentication (JASPIC) 2.0

Jakarta Debugging Support for Other Languages 2.0

Jakarta Servlet 5.0

Jakarta Server Pages (JSP) 3.0

Jakarta Expression Language (EL) 4.0

Jakarta WebSocket 2.0

Jakarta Web Profile specifications 9.1

Jakarta Activation 2.0

Jakarta Bean Validation 3.0

Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) 3.0

Jakarta Dependency Injection (@Inject) 2.0

Jakarta Enterprise Beans (EJB) 4.0

Jakarta Faces (JSF) 3.0

Jakarta Interceptors 2.0

Jakarta JSON Binding (JSON-B) 2.0

Jakarta JSON Processing (JSON-P) 2.0

Jakarta Mail (JavaMail) 2.0

Jakarta Managed Beans 2.0

Jakarta Persistence (JPA) 3.0

Jakarta RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) 3.0

Jakarta Security (Enterprise Security) * 2.0

Jakarta Standard Tag Library (JSTL) * 2.0

Jakarta Transactions (JTA) 2.0

Jakarta XML Binding (JAXB) 3.0

MicroProfile specifications 5.0

MicroProfile Config 3.0

MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 4.0

MicroProfile Health 4.0

MicroProfile JWT Authentication 2.0

MicroProfile Metrics 4.0

MicroProfile OpenAPI 3.0

MicroProfile OpenTracing 3.0

MicroProfile Rest Client 3.0

Jakarta EE specifications 9.1

Jakarta Authorization (JACC) 2.0

Jakarta Batch (JBatch) 2.0

Jakarta Concurrency 2.0

Jakarta Connectors 2.0

Jakarta Enterprise Web Services 2.0

Jakarta Messaging (JMS) 3.0

Jakarta SOAP with Attachments (SAAJ) 2.0

Jakarta Web Services Metadata (JWS) 3.0

Jakarta XML Web Services (JAX-WS) 3.0

Jakarta Faces (JSF) implementation





Jakarta Persistence (JPA) implementation(s)




OpenJPA, EclipseLink

  • Please note that Tomcat does not ship with the jars for Standard Tag Library (JSTL) nor the* packages.

Implementations of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile features in TomEE 9.x

Specifications Implementations included by TomEE 9.x

Jakarta Servlet, Server Pages (JSP), Expression Language (EL),
Jakarta Annotations, Authentication (JASPIC), WebSocket, …​

Apache Tomcat 10.0.x

Jakarta Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

Apache Standard Taglib Implementation

Jakarta Faces (JSF)

Apache MyFaces (shipped in all TomEE flavors except Plume)
Eclipse Mojarra (shipped in TomEE Plume)

Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI)

Apache OpenWebBeans 2.x (with jakarta classifier)

Jakarta Enterprise Beans (EJB)

Apache OpenEJB

Jakarta Transactions (JTA)

Apache Geronimo Transaction Manager

Jakarta Persistence (JPA)

Apache OpenJPA 3.2.x jakarta (shipped in all TomEE flavors)
EclipseLink 3.x (shipped in TomEE Plume)

Jakarta Bean Validation

Apache BVal

Web Services

Apache CXF 3.5.x

Jakarta JSON Binding (JSON-B),
Jakarta JSON Processing (JSON-P)

Apache Johnzon 1.2.x

Jakarta XML Binding (JAXB)

Eclipse Implementation of JAXB 3.0.x

Jakarta Mail (JavaMail)

Apache Geronimo JavaMail


Apache Geronimo MicroProfile (ok with TomEE 7.1.x and 8.x)
SmallRye MicroProfile (ok with TomEE 9.x and later)

Jakarta Batch (JBatch)

Apache BatchEE

Jakarta Messaging (JMS)

Apache ActiveMQ

In bold : Implementations that differ between flavors or between versions

Compatibility with other implementations

Specifications Implementations alternatives

Jakarta Persistence (JPA)

Hibernate ORM 6.1.x

Jakarta MVC

Eclipse Krazo 2.0.x

Other containers (CDI, EJB, JTA, etc.) and frameworks

Spring 6.0.x

  • Please note that TomEE does not ship with the jars for Hibernate ORM, Jersey, Krazo, Spring.