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Work on the development has slowed and a release of that codebase (3.1.3) is likely to come out soon.

Activity on the 3.2 codebase is going strong with significant progress on EJB 3.1 features, specifically; @AccessTimeout, @AfterBegin, @BeforeCompletion, @AfterCompletion and some support for the @Asynchronous method invocations. Most of this work is being done by contributors. New committers are sure to be right around the corner. Work has started on JCDI integration aided by the OpenWebBeans community. That work is somewhat revolutionary and a separate branch has been created temporarily to workout the overall architecture and design of the integration. Significant work is also being done to overhaul and test the application validation code and related i18n message keys.

Dev list participation has increased due to greater contributor activity. User list traffic has slowed somewhat which is welcome as it provides a little breathing room for development.