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The OpenEJB 3.0 Final release in mid April brought some good attention to the project and more new users. User list traffic showed a small increase in April and May and a sharp spike in June. July looks to be a slow month so far. Many users are content and anxiously awaiting the next release.

Planning for the next release has begun. The list of fixes and improvements is growing very large. If all goes well 3.1 it won’t be too much longer before we start spinning binaries for 3.1. Major new features will include more EJB 3.1 support, jaxb performance increases through the SXC project, network performance increases in client/server communication, cmp and jpa conversion improvements, tomcat console improvements, and fixes in the jdbc connection pooling.

Jonathan Gallimore was voted in as a committer with great support. Jonathan is not just a new committer to OpenEJB but to the ASF. A very warm welcome to Jonathan!