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Main areas of development activity include OSGi support, upgrading JAX-WS and potential support for JAX-RS, and Java EE 6 @ManagedBean support. More detailed planning has also begun for the remaining EJB 3.1 work.

Overall user list activity continues to increase with October and November both being record months in terms of volume. Diversity in developers responding to user requests has also been greatly improved, quite stellar in fact, with more committers pitching in and resolving user issues. A wonderful trend. Holidays had their usual impact on December activity.

OpenEJB Eclipse Plugin 1.0.0.alpha was released in late October and a screencast created which shows how to get started with it was put up in the project blog and website.

An informal get together is planned in Milan, Italy for the last weekend of January. Information has been sent to the user list and anyone is welcome to come. Primary goal is just to meet each other and have a few beers, but there’s certainly room for tech talk and some will likely occur. Anything substantial will reach the dev list as with any offline communication.