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A patch release of OpenEJB 3.0 (3.0.1) was released with fixes aimed to support the Geronimo 2.1.4 release. Talk has started on a release of the current 3.1 branch (to be OpenEJB 3.1.1), which already contains several fixes and improvements over the 3.1 version released in November.

List traffic has continued to increase. In Q1 2008 traffic averaged 63 messages per month. In Q1 2009 the average is 133 per month. This resulted in occasional delays in response times due to bursts of requests. At a particularly heavier burst one user complained in an email titled, "Thank you for not supporting me in any way." This proved to be an overall positive event as it provided an opportunity to reset expectations, get everyone behind the project, and resulted in a generous increase of participation from users and committers alike1 . Ultimately it was just what we needed.

Jean-Louis Monteiro has been contributing some good patches and time on the user list and proving to be a good potential committer. His activity is primarily around web services which is one area where can certainly use the expertise. His participation is greatly appreciated and we look forward to continued contribution.

Discussions have opened up with OpenWebBeans on providing them with the tools they need to support their own OpenEJB integration in efforts to complete the JSR-299 specification. The JSR-299 itself is currently very unstable and major changes to the core of the specification, requested by the Java EE 6 (JSR-316) EG, are planned to address overlap with other specifications like JSF and EJB. These will certainly provide some challenges as the specification is rebalanced.

Several users have recently pointed out a possible incompatibly in regards to the handling of business remote interfaces also marked as a web service interface. The issue has been raised on the EJB 3.1 (JSR-318) EG. Regardless of the outcome, support for that feature is planned.

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