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The highlight of early February was the release of OpenEJB 3.0 beta 2 which was very well received and triggered another small increase in overall users@openejb.a.o traffic.

We’ve also seen some encouraging growth signs we haven’t seen for quite a while: users answering each other’s questions; first time posters saying "we’ve added this feature, do you want it?"; more questions answerable with documentation links; random new faces on IRC.

Work on OpenEJB 3.0 final began towards the end of February with the first binaries up for vote on March 11th. Some wonderful feedback on both the dev and users list revealed some critical technical issues with those binaries and the vote was cancelled so that the issues could be fixed. Several members of the community went the extra mile to help get issues fixed and the release out the door. After steady stream of bug fixes, legal file maintenance, and a few more aborted votes, the long anticipated OpenEJB 3.0 Final was released April 12th. The binaries proposed a month prior pale in comparison to the binaries eventually released and we are all very pleased with the quality of the 3.0 final. We are very excited to see what kind of a splash 3.0 will make and expect a 3.0.1 will be required soon.

The work contributor Jonathan Gallimore has been doing with an OpenEJB Eclipse plugin has taken root with other developers in the community and development naturally changed from code drops to frequent patches and discussion. A big thank you to committer Daniel Haischt for contributing to the Eclipse plugin and giving Jonathan someone to work with and the opportunity to demonstrate his collaborative skills. A bigger thank you to Jonathan for his patience.