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Dependency upgrade

New Feature

  • TOMEE-4281 Improve logging when failing to load a class

  • TOMEE-4268 Create MicroProfile OpenAPI Reader exemple


  • TOMEE-4267 MicroProfile Metrics JMX Registrar must be initialized once


  • TOMEE-4285 Port fix for CVE-2023-46589 for TomEE 9.x

  • TOMEE-4286 Namespace error when processing web-fragment.xml

  • TOMEE-4287 Better information when XBean Finder fails to read a class/jar file

  • TOMEE-4289 java.util.NoSuchElementException in SystemLogHandler

  • TOMEE-4269 Enable SLF4J 2.x webapps to include bindings in their WEB-INF/lib


  • TOMEE-4284 Implement property over