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Apache TomEE 9.0.0-M8 has been released.

This milestone release differs from previous 9.x releases in the sense that we migrated all TomEE code to the new Jakarta namespace. Previously, we used bytecode relocation but most of the integration code such as test support, arquillian, maven plugins were broken .

We are still working on some regressions and fixes in order to pass all TCK tests for Jakarta EE 9.1 (again). However, our own tests and most of the TCK tests are green.

We are confident that this milestone can be used to gather feedback that will help stabilize TomEE 9.x before a final version is released.

It contains some bug fixes, (build related) enhancements and a lot of dependency upgrades as well as an upgrade of microprofile. Note that we switched from Geronimo microprofile implementations to Smallrye for various reasons discussed on the mailing list.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release, including all of our users and the people who submitted bug reports, contributed code or documentation enhancements.

Dependency upgrade


  • TOMEE-3892 TomEE Maven Plugin does not allow to override default "-ea" in RemoteServer

  • TOMEE-3979 service.bat issue when using JRE_HOME on Windows

  • TOMEE-3935 BOM Regeneration fails due to GitHub Actions permission issue

  • TOMEE-3871 TomEE Plume is missing BatchEE / JCS Cache

  • TOMEE-3876 BOM generation corrupted under windows (slash problems)

  • TOMEE-3903 Investigate *.tar.gz distributions aren’t installed correctly to Maven Repository

  • TOMEE-3908 CI Job für TomEE Site Publish is failing



  • TOMEE-3894 website generation broken under windows

  • TOMEE-3888 Cleanup documentation

  • TOMEE-3904 Enhance / Update existing release documentation

  • TOMEE-3917 update javadoc to reflect update to MicroProfile 5.0


  • TOMEE-3931 fix example/cucumber-jvm

  • TOMEE-3922 Patch Tomcat JasperInitializer and create jira

  • TOMEE-3925 Fix Websocket TLS Basic Auth

  • TOMEE-3926 Fix Webservice SSL Client Certificate Example

  • TOMEE-3861 Upgrade to apache-parent-26

  • TOMEE-3940 Fix TomEE :: Examples :: JakartaMail API

  • TOMEE-3865 Switch arquillian to the new Servlet 5 protocol

  • TOMEE-3932 Migration tips and tricks

  • TOMEE-3939 Fix Jakarta Mail API with Apache Velocity Templating

  • TOMEE-3870 Remove Management J2EE

  • TOMEE-3953 Fix TomEE :: Examples :: JPA with EclipseLink

  • TOMEE-3943 Fix TomEE :: Examples :: Multiple JPA providers

  • TOMEE-3866 Upgrade Hibernate to 5.6.7 / Hibernate Validator to 7.0.2 (Jakarta Artifact)

  • TOMEE-3944 Fix TomEE :: Examples :: Simple EAR :: Functional Tests

  • TOMEE-3868 Remove SAAJ Axis 1 provider

  • TOMEE-3869 Remove JAX-RPC

  • TOMEE-3881 Add JDK --add-opens to our scripts in openejb-standalone

  • TOMEE-3960 Fix TomEE :: Examples :: DeltaSpike ProjectStage

  • TOMEE-3920 Fix TomEE :: Web Examples :: Moviefun Rest

  • TOMEE-3954 Fix TomEE :: Examples :: JPA with Hibernate and arquillian

  • TOMEE-3877 No interface view EJB proxies broken on JDK16+

  • TOMEE-3956 Fix TomEE :: Connector Examples :: Connector in WAR

  • TOMEE-3879 Add missing --add-opens options to itests/failover

  • TOMEE-3957 Fix TomEE :: Examples :: DeltaSpike @ConfigProperty

  • TOMEE-3958 Fix TomEE :: Examples :: DeltaSpike Exception Handling

  • TOMEE-3959 Fix TomEE :: Examples :: DeltaSpike I18n

Fixed Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)

  • TOMEE-3962 Upgrade to Apache Tomcat 10.0.21 (CVE-2022-29885)