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Dependency upgrade

New Feature

  • TOMEE-3730 Add JSONP and JSONB Providers JAX-RS Client

  • TOMEE-2365 Implement Java EE Security API from EE 8

  • TOMEE-2966 Provide a pure JUnit5 OpenEJB Extension

  • TOMEE-2977 Provide a ApplicationComposer JUnit 5 Extension

  • TOMEE-2993 API pom for each TomEE distribution


  • TOMEE-3774 Problems with master branch in Windows 10

  • TOMEE-3731 Remove non-compliant JAX-RS Provider sorting

  • TOMEE-2125 Datasource config: MaxWait, timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis and MinEvictableIdleTimeMillis are ignored

  • TOMEE-3727 Ensure is not seen as a JSONB serializable type

  • TOMEE-3728 Ensure is not seen as a JSONB serializable type

  • TOMEE-3729 Do not scan classpath for @Provider when there is a JAX-RS Application

  • TOMEE-2968 Postgres connection error when a password contains "}"

  • TOMEE-3740 Fix Test Failures in "openejb-core" introduced during TCK work

  • TOMEE-3743 TomEEJsonbProvider not registered anymore as of TomEE 8.0.7? Causes failing REST-services.

  • TOMEE-3739 Fix JAX-RS landscape / regressions introduced during TCK Work

  • TOMEE-3752 Field injection of @Resource WebServiceContext fails when endpoint uses CDI interceptor

  • TOMEE-2975 Download page must provide sigs for all release artifacts

  • TOMEE-3718 Missing mime mappings


  • TOMEE-2957 Fix OWASP Checks on ASF Jenkins Environment

  • TOMEE-2974 CI Build Environment ISO-8859-1 versus UTF-8

  • TOMEE-2973 TomEE :: Examples :: JSF2/CDI/BV/JPA/DeltaSpike uses too old version of commons-lang3

  • TOMEE-2976 Provide Examples for TomEE Arquillian with JUnit 5

  • TOMEE-2705 TomEE Plus BOM

  • TOMEE-3761 Jakarta Security example with custom identity store

  • TOMEE-2704 TomEE Plume BOM

  • TOMEE-2703 TomEE WebProfile BOM

  • TOMEE-2702 TomEE MicroProfile BOM

  • TOMEE-2995 Support constructor injection of JAX-RS Application

  • TOMEE-2994 JAX-RS Provider construction favors constructor with the most args

  • TOMEE-3758 Jakarta Security example with tomcat-users.xml identity store

  • TOMEE-2992 [Certification/TCK] Tomcat Callback handler not consistent with authenticator


  • TOMEE-3140 Jakarta EE 9.1 TCK Failures

  • TOMEE-3721 Remove dependencies between tomee-webapp modules


  • TOMEE-2967 Translate to Spanish: examples/xa-datasource

  • TOMEE-2964 Translate to Portuguese: examples/serverless-tomee-webprofile