TomEE versioning policies

TomEE version policy is made of three dot-separated numbers: x.y.z

These policies allow an Java EE application to be certified with a given TomEEE version x.y.z and to be compatible with TomEE versions x.y1.* with y1>y and compatible with TomEE version x.y.z1 with z1>z.

Important: being JavaEE certified means the server passed the Test Compatibility Kit (TCK). To simplify/summarize it is a big test suite to validate your are compliant with a JavaEE version. TomEE 1.x passed the JavaEE 6 TCK which was donated to Apache Software Foundation by Oracle. This donation hasn't been done to Apache for JavaEE 7 so TomEE is not able for now to be validated against it and therefore TomEE versions targetting JavaEE 7 are not yet certified.

To make it more explicit here is a small table showing the targetted JavaEE version and the related certification state by version:

TomEE VersionJavaEE VersionCertified