Downloading a Distribution Archive

Download a distribution archive of the latest TomEE release from the Downloads page. If you are not sure which one to use, take

If you want to try out the latest development snapshot (e.g. to test a bugfix which has not yet been released), then download an archive directly from the Apache Maven Snapshots Repository instead.

The instructions on this page work with the webprofile distribution but apply to all TomEE distributions (webprofile, jaxrs or plus). If you work with the jaxrs or plus distribution, simply replace the name where appropriate.

Unpacking the Archive

Unpack the archive in any directory. The top-level directory of the unpacked archive is called apache-tomee-webprofile-x.y.z/. We refer to this directory as $CATALINA_HOME in the following.

Prerequisites for Running TomEE

Starting TomEE

To start TomEE as a background process, invoke


To start TomEE in foreground, invoke


Log Messages

When running TomEE in foreground, it will print all log messages to the console.

When running TomEE in background, it will only print a couple of environment variables. The log messages go to a file


Stopping TomEE

To stop TomEE, invoke


If you started TomEE in foreground via run, it is safe to simply type Ctrl-C.