Caution Snapshot builds are not supported for production use

Snapshot builds are provided for the purpose verifying fixes and participating in the development cycle by evaluating new features and improvements and giving feedback. The community will happily support your use of snapshots for development purposes with the mutual understanding all builds are works in progress and subject to change.


Web Profile

Apache TomEE Web Profile delivers Servlets, JSP, JSF, JTA, JPA, CDI, Bean Validation and EJB Lite

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Apache TomEE Plus delivers all that is in the Web Profile plus EJB Full, Java EE Connector Architecture, JMS and JAX-WS.

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An "EJB" Server that can be run as a separate, standalone, server process. Contains EJB Full, CDI, JPA, JMS, JAX-WS

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Drop-in WARs

A version of Apache TomEE that can be dropped into any Tomcat 7.x install effectively creating your own Apache TomEE Web Profile or Apache TomEE Plus.



New Features

  • TOMEE-1332 support @Startup on CDI beans (@ApplicationScoped or normal scoped beans if the context is active at boot time)
  • TOMEE-1735 basic JMSContext implementation
  • TOMEE-1341 Arquillian support for Suite testing
  • TOMEE-1297 add @Jars annotation to ApplicationComposer
  • TOMEE-1298 Support JSR 107: JCACHE - Java Temporary Caching API
  • TOMEE-1295 openjpa.EntityManagerFactoryPool support for container persistence unit
  • TOMEE-1294 Allow to set System-Property in tomee.xml
  • TOMEE-1755 add tomee.tomcat.cookieProcessor to be able to use old cookie behavior
  • TOMEE-1756 add ConfigurationCustomizer for tomee embedded configuration
  • TOMEE-1758 support remove:prefix in additionalLibs in remote arquillian adapter
  • TOMEE-1761 allow to take a thread dump if a resource takes more than X to be destroyed
  • TOMEE-1809 Run jaxws webservices using tomee embedded using --path parameter
  • TOMEE-1808 create a tomee embedded shade jaxrs oriented (without activemq)
  • TOMEE-1804 add Monkey tomee-maven-plugin customizer
  • TOMEE-1783 allow tomee embedded (+maven + gradle) to force the webapp loader to be the boot one for deploy classpath method
  • TOMEE-1780 basic tomee-embedded gradle plugin
  • TOMEE-1775 tomee embedded single instance runner
  • TOMEE-1771 Expose Deployer reload() function through JMX
  • TOMEE-1769 Allow to configure formatter pattern on LocalfileHandler
  • TOMEE-1485 JMS 2.0 Provide JMSContext beans
  • TOMEE-1487 CDI Event based realm
  • TOMEE-1282 basic @Transactional @TransactionScoped support
  • TOMEE-1798 can't load JTA and Common annotation on Java 9
  • TOMEE-1289 allow user to provide a properties-provider on resources
  • TOMEE-1288 supports default in out propertyplaceholding
  • TOMEE-1274 support additionalLibs in arquillian.xml to add libs from mvn coordinates to tomee/lib


  • TOMEE-1736 more explicit message if ejbd fails cause of class filtering (introduced for 0-day vulnerability fixed in previous release)
  • TOMEE-1737 activating default EE resources in the distribution but not in others modes
  • TOMEE-1738 basic configuration for TomEEJarScanner
  • TOMEE-1428 improve the performance of TempClassLoader$ResourceComparator
  • TOMEE-1328 Arquillian.xml 'additionalLibs' must fail-fast
  • TOMEE-1339 [JAXRS] try static resources first
  • TOMEE-1336 Support classname.activated = true/false for auto discovered providers
  • TOMEE-1367 add singleDumpByArchiveName parameter to arquillian tomee adapters
  • TOMEE-1365 Updated to use try statement RemoteServer
  • TOMEE-1745 allow to configure on command line server.xml and tomee.xml to use for tomee embedded provided main(String[])
  • TOMEE-1746 support connector configuration for tomee embedded with properties starting with (xxx being a connector option)
  • TOMEE-1744 Ensure tomee embedded uses default tomcat connector by default (nio)
  • TOMEE-1749 [ApplicationComposer] support Gradle test/main as we support Maven for @Default
  • TOMEE-1747 for managed executor, thread factory option should support resource name
  • TOMEE-1807 exclude jaxb and junit from tomee embedded
  • TOMEE-1750 support Gradle as invalid folders (for name identification)
  • TOMEE-1802 support network connector configuration on AMQ uri syntax (tomee.xml)
  • TOMEE-1784 try to force persistence enhancement in tomee-embedded
  • TOMEE-1269 if a @Path interface has a single implementation add it as rest service
  • TOMEE-1766 ensure default org.apache.johnzon.max-string-length size is 4k
  • TOMEE-1148 JAX-RS, EJBAccessException should be 401
  • TOMEE-1790 Allow primitive arrays to be serialized/deserialized over (http)ejbd
  • TOMEE-1270 exclude from scanning @Deprecated @Providers
  • TOMEE-1789 Expose Pool flush() through JMX
  • TOMEE-1273 fix SslTomEETest to work with JDK 8 keytool


  • TOMEE-1334 cdi lazy realm throws NPE cause of init handling (too early)
  • TOMEE-1335 broken on war
  • TOMEE-1330 Support to include container urls in scanning
  • TOMEE-1739 Javaagent arguments ignored by tomee-maven-plugin
  • TOMEE-1740 Ensure Contexts propagates in ManagedExecutors the exchange to be able to inject RS @Context in async endpoints
  • TOMEE-1742 application composer mvn plugins don't work with maven > 3.0
  • TOMEE-1741 Incorrect log message
  • TOMEE-1329 jars.txt doesn't support empty lines
  • TOMEE-1325 Dynamic subclassing doesn't support interfaces (@Local)
  • TOMEE-1343 HSQL server shuts down saying no databases available
  • TOMEE-1398 The project maven-util doesn't contain the Log interface on it's classpath
  • TOMEE-1342 OutputGeneratedDescriptors doesn't output complete ejb-jar.xml
  • TOMEE-1729 empty context path for application composer applications can lead to wrong http routing
  • TOMEE-1626 Maven Tomee Exec Mojo failed when provided server.xml use env vars
  • TOMEE-1727 Application.getSingletons doesn't handle @Provider right creating warnings
  • TOMEE-1728 calls twice @PostConstruct of the application
  • TOMEE-1725 ManagedConnection#equals broken when not using dbcp
  • TOMEE-1726 StreamOutput not considered as a stream
  • TOMEE-1731 web.xml should override @ApplicationPath and not concatenate both paths
  • TOMEE-1730 bad regex for embedded http layer and filter mapping when ending by *
  • TOMEE-1296 org.apache.openejb.jpa.integration.eclipselink.OpenEJBServerPlatform mbeanServer name is wrong
  • TOMEE-1408 Incorrect assertions within the testcode
  • TOMEE-1409 Invalid configuration in module openejb-junit
  • TOMEE-1759 JSF NPE in FashImpl with nested/forward request
  • TOMEE-1764 JSP @Resource not honored if only in JSP
  • TOMEE-1816 java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: pool in Connector Resource Adapter deploy
  • TOMEE-1811 IllegalArgumentException - File [xxxxxx.jar!/META-INF/persistence.xml] does not exist:
  • TOMEE-1606 Bad conversion of DataSource password containing special characters
  • TOMEE-1364 When using the tomee-maven-plugins stop goal tomee seems to hang forever
  • TOMEE-1376 Invalid package within groovy script
  • TOMEE-1748 managed executor factory should support a Threadfactory (not a Managed one) as thread factory
  • TOMEE-1693 bval-jsr-1.1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar - (spanish) bad encoding
  • TOMEE-1751 RemoteServer doesnt support system properties with equals in values
  • TOMEE-1806 GeronimoConnectionManager background connection validation not working
  • TOMEE-1805 HttpServletRequest#logout doesn't clear authenticated identity in EJB
  • TOMEE-1800 SystemProperty not merged when using Import in tomee.xml
  • TOMEE-1785 activate bean validation with jaxrs by default
  • TOMEE-1786 BvalCdiFilter is not active
  • TOMEE-1777 some resources are not properly removed from OpenEjbConfiguration
  • TOMEE-1266 Unable to configure a datasource with TomEE in context of Oracle Wallet
  • TOMEE-1268 Auto scanning of @Provider
  • TOMEE-1772 Singleton DependsOnTest fails most of the times
  • TOMEE-1770 @Initialized(AppScoped) not using the right classloader in tomee-embedded
  • TOMEE-1400 Potential NPE in TomeeAnnotationProvider
  • TOMEE-1765 @Transactional doesn't throw as cause synchronization exceptions
  • TOMEE-1767 @DataSourceDefinition doesn't support XADataSource
  • TOMEE-1281 JAXRS doesn't work with deltaspike in Application#getSingleton
  • TOMEE-1799 Java 8 : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract!
  • TOMEE-1509 PropertyPlaceHolderHelper does not work with cipher:
  • TOMEE-1791 property-provider should be properties-provider for tomee.xml on resources
  • TOMEE-1792 Eclipselink integration not working in flat classloader mode
  • TOMEE-1324 Problem with TomEE Maven archetype
  • TOMEE-1796 dont add war resources when running a .war with tomee embedded
  • TOMEE-1788 TomEE fails to start embedded ActiveMQ
  • TOMEE-1787 EJBExceptionMapper can end up in a NPE
  • TOMEE-1275 TimerExecutor as compoenent doesn't follow executor lifecycle (stop/start)
  • TOMEE-1647 Startup fails when WAR is deployed and configured with JUEL
  • TOMEE-1519 SetupCommand fails to delete file/dir on Windows

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