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Web Profile

Apache TomEE Web Profile delivers Servlets, JSP, JSF, JTA, JPA, CDI, Bean Validation and EJB Lite

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Apache TomEE Plus delivers all that is in the Web Profile, plus EJB Full, Java EE Connector Architecture, JMS, JAX-WS and and JAX-RS.

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An "EJB" Server that can be run as a separate, standalone, server process. Contains EJB Full, CDI, JPA, JMS, JAX-WS, JAX-RS

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Drop-in WARs

A version of Apache OpenEJB that can be dropped into any Tomcat 7.x install effectively creating your own Apache TomEE Web Profile or Apache TomEE Plus.



Should you want to build any of the above binaries, this source bundle is the right one covers them all.


Currently, we have over 50 examples of various aspects of Java EE 6 ranging from EJB, CDI, JAX-RS and more. If you're learning Java EE, this is your secret weapon.



New Features

  • TOMEE-6 Arquillian adapter
  • TOMEE-84 TomEE Embedded Container
  • TOMEE-86 Implementation of EJBContainer.createEJBContainer for TomEE Embedded
  • TOMEE-96 All-in-one TomEE Embedded jar
  • TOMEE-95 Command line 'java -jar tomee-embedded.jar myAwesome.war' launching
  • TOMEE-58 New concept of persistence-fragment.xml file
  • TOMEE-71 Ability to reload Persistence units via JMX
  • TOMEE-72 Example: Reloading Persistence unit properties dynamically
  • TOMEE-104 Allow custom JAX-RS providers to be used
  • TOMEE-99 Example: CDI @Alternative and @Stereotype
  • TOMEE-101 Example: CDI Events and @Observes
  • TOMEE-97 Beginning documentation for Meta-Annotation support
  • TOMEE-37 TomEE webapps based Deployer implementation
  • OPENEJB-1454 Meta Annotation Support
  • OPENEJB-1691 Dynamic @Proxy beans
  • OPENEJB-1430 Scanning an JMX Registration of @ObjectName mbeans in applications
  • OPENEJB-1737 Example: Dynamic JMX MBean example
  • OPENEJB-1517 EJBContainer.createEJBContainer MODULES supports various org.apache.openejb.jee.* types
  • OPENEJB-1571 CDI Injection for clients of EJBContainer and tests using ApplicationComposer
  • OPENEJB-1706 CDI Injection support for MDBs
  • OPENEJB-1744 Example: MDBs as CDI beans
  • OPENEJB-1705 Example: Simple CDI Interceptor
  • OPENEJB-1654 System property overrides for MDB ActivationConfig
  • OPENEJB-1690 Ability to define DataSources, Topics, Queues and other resources in applications with a META-INF/resources.xml file
  • OPENEJB-1453 Metatyping for EJB and Dependency Injection Annotations
  • OWB-621 Alternative configuration method for buggy container or pre servlet api 2.5 container


  • TOMEE-102 Cleaned up error handling of closed jars at shutdown
  • TOMEE-107 Reduced logging of harmless "Could not install our singleton service" message
  • TOMEE-106 Better handling of DataSource "maxWait" property, supports ints
  • TOMEE-108 Smarter default of Log4j, Slf4j and JULI logging implementation selection
  • TOMEE-100 Trim internal objects from logging
  • TOMEE-93 Ensure JAX-RS @HeaderParam matching is case insensitive
  • TOMEE-91 Improved error handling and resolving of REST @Path URLs
  • TOMEE-82 SQLLoginModule support for HSQLDB 2.x
  • TOMEE-83 Improved ability to imply type of
  • TOMEE-87 Expanded scope of Global JNDI
  • TOMEE-123 Eliminate webapp lib scanning from known libs
  • TOMEE-73 Example: JAX-RS example with Application
  • TOMEE-60 More Optimization in scanning of webapp libs
  • TOMEE-122 WebService subcontext mapping adjustable with tomee.jaxws.subcontext property
  • TOMEE-121 WebServices mapped into / /webservices/
  • TOMEE-75 Resolve default persistence provider before Assembly
  • OPENEJB-1755 Repackaging LocalInitialContextFactory into org.apache.openejb.core
  • OPENEJB-1746 More helpful information on ConcurrentAccessTimeoutException
  • OPENEJB-48 Log the location of the openejb.conf file being used
  • OPENEJB-1747 Avoid NPE when a custom mdb container uses badly defined activation properties
  • OPENEJB-1749 Better logging of @Stateful @PreDestroy exceptions
  • OPENEJB-1701 Improved Multipoint and Multicast discovery logging
  • OPENEJB-1750 Improved documentation on Windows Service installer
  • OPENEJB-1700 deploying rest ejb as ejb when it is returned by Application.getClasses()/getSingletons()
  • OPENEJB-1754 Reduce logging of failed security checks due to being unauthorized
  • OPENEJB-1753 New 'openejb.descriptors.output.folder' property for location of generated descriptors
  • OPENEJB-1722 manage JtaPlatform instead of TransactionManagerLookup when hibernate 4 as JPA provider
  • OPENEJB-1752 Tolerate toString() issues with ejb method return values when logging on DEBUG
  • OPENEJB-1751 Ability to deactivate all internal JMX MBeans
  • OPENEJB-1742 Respect 'openjpa.Specification' persistence.xml property
  • OPENEJB-1743 Better MDB/CDI support
  • OPENEJB-1741 Faster jar scanning at deploy
  • OPENEJB-1699 managing @ApplicationPath for rest
  • OPENEJB-1738 MDB Queue/Topic name defaults to MappedName
  • OPENEJB-1715 Add ServiceTracker in Activator class to wait till we find the ServiceManagerProxy
  • OWB-623 Relax check on @AroundInvoke Interceptors 'throws Exception'
  • OWB-627 Automatically destroy @Dependent contextual instances created with Instance
  • OWB-475 support for optional beans


  • TOMEE-56 jsp group properties order not respected
  • TOMEE-103 Further reduction of possible LinkageError in log files
  • TOMEE-105 fixing contextroot in TomcatWebAppBuilder for windows
  • TOMEE-51 Deployment without web.xml not possible. With web.xml, tests do not run.
  • TOMEE-11 conf/logging.properties conflicts with juli configuration for Tomcat
  • TOMEE-10 JNDI Browser in the openejb.war does not show @LocalBean views as EJBs
  • TOMEE-94 context.xml ignored in internally created Tomcat StandardContexts
  • TOMEE-90 Fixed REST Service undeployment issue
  • TOMEE-98 Possible name conflict with internal "Comp" bean
  • TOMEE-47 ServletContext.getResource(path).getInputStream() fails
  • TOMEE-43 library-directory ignored
  • TOMEE-42 TCCL.getResources() returns duplicated when deploying with OpenEJB deployer
  • TOMEE-80 Avoid hibernate HHH015010 at startup
  • TOMEE-89 Fixed lifecycle issue in CDI BeforeBeanDiscovery
  • TOMEE-85 Fixed issues with rootUrl in persistence units of webapps
  • TOMEE-39 context.xml of WAR not loaded
  • TOMEE-88 Possible EL related issue prevents startup
  • TOMEE-30 OpenEJBLifecycle.startApplication brutly cast Object in StartupObject
  • TOMEE-33 seam-international-timeanddate fails to deploy
  • TOMEE-34 seam-remoting-helloworld fails to deploy
  • TOMEE-35 Unable to lookup BeanManager from JNDI
  • TOMEE-36 NullPointerException when Missing required persistence.xml for @PersistenceUnit
  • TOMEE-120 Fixed issue preventing serveral Web Service applications from being deployed simultaneously
  • TOMEE-77 Ignore REST Applications without default constructor
  • TOMEE-1 TomEE Beta 1.0.0 doesn't start with MyFaces CODI
  • TOMEE-27 UnknownModuleTypeException thrown when no-web.xml webapp deployed
  • TOMEE-76 Avoid NullPointerException in no-web.xml applications
  • TOMEE-29 Applications always seem to be refreshed/redployed
  • TOMEE-74 Fixed serialization issue with ValidationFactory references
  • TOMEE-79 Fixed "no root logger" warning
  • TOMEE-78 Issue finding openejb.war in Tomcat
  • TOMEE-110 Fixed Tomcat issue with JSF code/prelude ordering
  • TOMEE-111 Avoid overriting files in Tomcat installer if already installed
  • TOMEE-61 allow ROOT to contain rest service
  • TOMEE-115 Issue in OWB preventing CDI Extensions from adding Interceptors to EJBs
  • OPENEJB-1523 TomEE 6.0.26 / 3.1.4: NPE in org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.manageApp
  • OPENEJB-1730 Reliability of multipoint discovery heartrates less than 1 second
  • OPENEJB-1745 Fix null pointer in discardInstance when releaseInstance has already been called
  • OPENEJB-1748 Fixed undeploy race condition
  • OPENEJB-1710 ClassCastException when deploying ear files containing persistence.xml
  • OPENEJB-1709 TomEE webapps (See rest-example) doesn't work under Windows (Path - Problem with backslash "\")
  • OPENEJB-1708 Servlet Injection
  • OPENEJB-1443 EntityManager in non-transactional business methods using queries can be used only once
  • OPENEJB-1729 Reliability of Multipoint remove event when last peer disappears
  • OPENEJB-1702 Multicast and Multipoint 'heart_rate' property ignored
  • OPENEJB-1704 undeploy or shutdown call ejbCreate() on stateless session beans
  • OPENEJB-1711 Multithreaded filling of @Stateless pools to PoolMin at bean startup
  • OPENEJB-1733 Parameters are not always available in custom interceptor when the bean is a webservice
  • OWB-620 any disabled bean of passivating scope will wrongly be detected as 'not passivatable'
  • OWB-622 beanmanager injection in afterBeanDiscovery method parameter
  • OWB-624 AnnotatedTypes registered in BeforeBeanDiscovery might get processed twice
  • OWB-615 remove @Overrides for interfaces to be java5 compatible
  • OWB-597 StackOverFlow when injecting product in same bean where @Produces is placed
  • OWB-589 " ... requires a passivation capable dependency ..." for producer method with return type String and non serializable injected dependency
  • OWB-616 javax.el.ExpressionFactory has final methods! CDI doesn't allow that. - Test on final PRIVATE methods too?
  • OWB-619 @New beans must only exist if there is at least one injection point for them
  • OWB-618 we sometimes invoke a dispose method without having created the bean upfront
  • OWB-562 non-enabled alternative beans with passivating scope fail validation during deployment
  • OWB-630 AmbiguousResolutionException thrown for Decorators that Decorate multiple beans where any of those beans are passivation capable.
  • OWB-631 openwebbeans-resource misses openwebbeans.properties
  • OWB-565 missing check for producer methods
  • OWB-625 BeanManager.resolve throw java.util.NoSuchElementException with an empty set parameter
  • OWB-629 NoClassDefFoundError for optional dependencies
  • OWB-515 interceptors don't support inheritance without an overridden method annotated with @AroundInvoke