Linux/OSX awesomeness

Not specific to this projec, but can be incredibly useful ways to maximizes your time. Mastering the command line is the best way to get things done, quick and cheaply.

Reapeat after me:

Core commands

Some very big time-saving commands

In shell scripts

OSX commands

running shell scripts

I never use

Some people like it. sed -- i always use "perl -pe 's/find/replace/'")

Getting used to using perl is better. This page was originally written thinking markdown had table support like confluence does. Soo all lines where using "| command | description |" formatting. Markdown doesn't have that, so I changed it to a list syntax with the following command on my mac:

pbpaste | perl -ne '@f = split(" *\\| *", $_); print " - **$f[1]** - $f[2]\n"' | pbcopy